150W 12V DC To 240V AC Modified Sinewave 'Can' Inverter

SKU: AD-M8070A

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Product Details

This compact 150 Watt 12V DC to 240V AC mains power inverter mounts snugly in your vehicle cup/drink holder. It's ideal for powering laptops, lights, small tools etc. Features a USB output for charging smartphones, and tablets.

All Powerhouse inverters have galvanically isolated input and output ensuring safer operation at all times. They also feature a range of protection features against reverse polarity connection, short circuit, output overloading and over temperature conditions.

Fitted with car accessory plug and 0.7m lead.

Before selecting an inverter
Due to the complex range of electrical and electronic products available, care must be taken when selecting the correct inverter. Many inverters will not start electric motors, compressors or fluorescent lighting. Powerhouse inverters will generally power these types of appliances.

Please note however that electronic appliances with switchmode power supplies may require a surge rating of 4 to 6 times the stated rated power of the appliance. Therefore you must consider the instantaneous start up current or surge of the appliance to be powered. The soft start feature of Powerhouse inverters overcomes the majority of start up problems.

Converts 12V DC to 240V AC mains power
Fits in most vehicle cup holders (60mm diameter)
Soft starting
High efficiency
Reverse polarity protection
Output overload protection
Over temperature protection
High and low battery voltage shutdown
Output short circuit protection
Standard AC mains outlet for 240V connection



12 Months months

















Dimensions (mm) L x W x H x TH