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  • 14.4V 2600mAh LiIon Cordless Vacuum battery for LG Homebot

14.4V 2600mAh LiIon Cordless Vacuum battery for LG Homebot

SKU: BCLG-EAC62218202

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Product Details

Replacement battery for use with LG vacuum cleaners.



12 Months months

















Dimensions (mm) L x W x H x TH

49mm x 116mm x 70.25mm

  • LG HomBot R66803VMNP, HomBot VCARPETX, HomBot VHOMBOT1, HomBot VHOMBOT3, HomBot VPARQUET, HomBot VR1010GR, HomBot VR1012BS, HomBot VR1012W, HomBot VR1013RG, HomBot VR1013WS, HomBot VR1015V, HomBot VR1027R, HomBot VR1028WD, HomBot VR1125RS, HomBot VR1126TS, HomBot VR1128R, HomBot VR1128SIL, HomBot VR1129RB, HomBot VR1227R, HomBot VR1228DS, HomBot VR1228R, HomBot VR1229B, HomBot VR1320B, HomBot VR34406LV, HomBot VR34408LV, HomBot VR5901LVM, HomBot VR5902LVM, HomBot VR5902LVMS, HomBot VR5903LVM, HomBot VR5906, HomBot VR5906LM, HomBot VR591, HomBot VR5912LV, HomBot VR5940, HomBot VR5940L, HomBot VR5940LB, HomBot VR5940LR, HomBot VR5942L, HomBot VR5943, HomBot VR5943L, HomBot VR6140LV, HomBot VR6170LVM, HomBot VR6171LVM, HomBot VR6260, HomBot VR62601LV, HomBot VR62601LVM, HomBot VR6260LV, HomBot VR6260LVM, HomBot VR62701LV, HomBot VR62701LVB, HomBot VR62701LVM, HomBot VR62701LVMB, HomBot VR6270LVB, HomBot VR6270LVM, HomBot VR6270LVMB, HomBot VR63455LV, HomBot VR63475, HomBot VR6370LVM, HomBot VR64602, HomBot VR64604LV, HomBot VR64607, HomBot VR64607LV, HomBot VR64701, HomBot VR64701LVMP, HomBot VR64702LVMB, HomBot VR64702LVMT, HomBot VR64703, HomBot VR64703LVM, HomBot VR64703LVMB, HomBot VR9624PR, HomBot VR9627PG, HomBot VR9647PS, HomBot VRD710RRC, HomBot VSR9640PS, MEZ63456808, VR1010GR, VR1012W, VR1013RG, VR1013WS, VR1015V, VR1027R, VR1028WD, VR1125RS, VR1126TS, VR1128R, VR1128SIL, VR1129RB, VR1227R, VR1228DS, VR1228R, VR1229B, VR1320B, VR34406LV, VR34408LV, VR5902LVM, VR5906-5940-5943, VR5940L, VR5942L, VR5943L, VR6170LVM, VR6171LVM, VR6260, VR62601LV, VR6260LVM, VR62701LV, VR6270LVM, VR6270LVMB, VR6340LV, VR63475, VR63485LV, VR64602, VR64607, VR64607LV, VR64701, VR64701LVMP, VR64703, VR64703LVMB, VR66713LVM, VR6694TWR, VR7412RB, VR7428SP