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100Ah AGM Power Glide Deep Cycle Battery


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Product Details

Powerglide Deep Cycle AGM Batteries

Powerglide Deep Cycle AGM batteries provides superior cycle life and performance. Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology acts as a sponge like material to suspend loose electrolyte within highly porous glass fibre mat separators. This eliminates the hazards associated with acid spills or leaks, whilst the sealed maintenance free design avoids the need for regular topping-up of electrolyte.

Powerglide Deep Cycle AGM batteries have low internal resistance and low self-discharge rates, enabling faster recharge and longer shelf life. When fully charged, they can be stored for extended periods of time and conveniently recharged using a range of AGM compatible battery chargers with temperature compensation if installed in a high heat environment. For more detailed information please refer to the battery specification sheets.

Ideal for use in a wide range of applications where fast recharge, superior vibration resistance and deep cycle performance is required.

Product Features

  • Advanced Absorbed Glass Mat Technology
  • High cycle life
  • Superior vibration resistance
  • Fast recharge
  • Multiangled fitment options
  • 18 month warranty


ChemistryWatt hourTerminalPolarityVAhCCARCWeightDimensions (mm) L x W x H x THWarranty
Lead Acid- M8 D12100--27307X169X210X21518 Months